Tue | Nov 30, 2021

HPDC blasts violence against women, children

Published:Wednesday | May 5, 2021 | 12:29 AMBryan Miller/Gleaner Writer


As national outrage continues to mount amid the growing cases of violence against the nation’s women and children, the Hanover Parish Development Committee (HPDC) has joined the fray in registering its disgust, while calling for an effective response to the problem.

In a release over the signature of General Secretary Shane Reid, the organisation said it was disturbed by the many acts of violence against women and children, which is traumatising the nation.

“The HPDC is very disturbed at what is taking place in our society as it relates to violence against our women and children,” the statement read. “We are disturbed by the growing number of incidents that have taken place in recent months, which involves women and children being physically, verbally and sexually abused on different occasions, and, in some instances, even being murdered.”

According to the HPDC release, the Government needs to take a resolute stance in addressing the situation, to include coming down with a heavy hand against perpetrators.

“In cases like these, our Government, along with our justice system, needs to put sanctions in place, not just to reprimand, but to hold abusers accountable to the highest level of the law,” the release continued.


In recent weeks, several cases have emerged of women and children being brutally abused, including the two recent cases in St Ann where children were sexually molested.

Subsequent to the release of the statement, The Gleaner spoke to Reid about the decision of the HPDC to go public with this particular issue, considering it is not the norm for them do so in such a fashion.

Reid said the organisation felt compelled to release the statement because, in such a situation, there is always a tendency to blame the Government instead of accepting responsibility as a society.

“The Government is not to get all the blame for the dastardly acts that are being carried out against the women and children of the nation, as poor parenting is also to be blamed. Discipline and training start at home. Mothers must teach their sons to respect and protect women. Fathers have a responsibility to stay in their children’s lives and be good examples for them. Show them how to be loving, kind, and gentle towards other human beings.”

“The HPDC is calling on fathers to teach their children good life skills. Educate them and let them know that they do not have to be abusers to be seen or recognised in society. Women are the mothers of society, and so abusing and murdering them is killing the future of the nation,” added Reid.