Sun | Jul 25, 2021


Published:Sunday | June 13, 2021 | 12:10 AM

It is morning

Jamaica! Please wake up.

Please Jamaica just listen up!

The demons are at your gate

Your sons and daughters are dying

Your babes and suckling are crying

If you are not awake soon

They may not live to see Noon

Several have tried to arouse you

Yet you sleep on

As though oblivious to the cries of your children

Or the threat to your nation

It is noon and you are still asleep!

While your Mothers and Fathers weep

Why can’t you hear? Is your hearing impaired?

Are you mentally or physically challenged?

Or just filled with despair?

Jamaica! Please wake up!

Please Jamaica, just stand up

The demons are getting more and more organised

While your offspring with fear are paralysed

Jamaica! Please wake up!

It is approaching Evening

The demons are in your bed

Your mothers are weeping

Soon your Island’s Garden will have no roses

Your rivers will be blood red

And it will not be from the Rod of Moses

Oh! It is twilight Jamaica!

The Lord thy God has been calling in vain

For you to rid your house of the evil forces and set things right

Yet you as though in a drunken stupor remain

Have you lost all your senses even that of inward sight?

It is approaching midnight!

Please! Jamaica wake up and heed the call

Your children’s dream of justice and peace is at risk

The time is now Jamaica! No more should you stall

If you wish to save your children and this perennial problem fix

Pl-e-a-s-e Jamaica, wake up!

Don’t lose the opportunity to save your children and your land

For the Lord God is waiting to fold your entire household to his breast

To lift you from this destructive sinking sand

If you would just rise from your slumber and turn to him with zest!

Jamaica wake up for your children’s sake

And a national day of prayer and fasting make

Not just in the churches but for everyone in every nook and cranny of your Island

For your children need to repent of their sins and seek the face of the Almighty God

If you want the destructive demons to be eradicated

And love and peace be returned to your land

Jah-make-yah! Please do not continue to ignore the calls

On what are you waiting to open your eyes and see?

For lo! At midnight on you the wrath of God will fall

Then you and your children will no longer be!!

So p-l-e-a-s-e, Jamaica. Wake up!

– Loraine Bucknor

Bring me back to the place of infinity, where dust no longer appears to be in our minds. Few times I fall when my intention rises, and it’s like I’m seeing the dawn even when the sun is nowhere close to rise.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s the feeling of nature or a short gratification of inspiration. While we are afraid to nurture our love and heal the pain of the suffering, we tend to become a blind eye, instead we watched their agonies and leave them. Most of us grow and say that we are not rich. I put that aside and give you all my advice and wish, we are the prophets, we are like rockets. The richness is within us. Our flesh and blood are pure, highly engraved with golds and purl’s.

I am a missing piece of an object, but not totally a missing piece from my subject. I am here but I’m partially away from the atmosphere. My kin and I are heartbroken. The truth we defined is unspoken. We are the family of each other, and we have to strive if we wanna mount the mountains. Without the birth source present, we seem enervated but together we are unstoppable. Together we strive, with our hearts clean indeed we will rise. We lift our hands to the almighty we plead and ask for harmony.

The designation of tough installations we desire with one flash can give us the way. With a burning torch ahead of us leading the way can also lead us a stray. Gashing off the quarrelling impediments overloaded my head with self destructive gas and it is easy, it’s like forming new words on the top of your tongue before transcribing them on a clean leaf of paper. It’s rough, the time we spend never draw us in lust. For us to comply we have to fight rough. It’s tough, the sculptures our fingers imaginatively embrace we never fought to portray.

If We can bring back love, we bring back time. If we engage our trust it will defeat our minds. With the people all around encouraging giving us hope, giving us love with the intention to lift us up, we will shine. While we pass on, our amino strive. Floating around our experiences, we pick up the things that are important or unimportant and move on to a better life.

– Kenrick Nelson