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Shhhh! Vox Popping 'Quiet Party' Thoughts

Published:Friday | November 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Shelly-Ann Curran
Kevyn V

Shelly-Ann Curran, Artiste Manager:

I find the headphone concept quite exciting. A disc jockey won't be in control of my vibe because several disc jocks will be playing simultaneously. From what I witnessed at the launch, the selectors who were playing had to keep up or be switched off!


Tifa, Artiste:

We'll just have to wait and see! The launch was cool, but we're from a boom box, loud-music-interaction-with-the-selector culture. But you never know.


D Major, Artiste:

It's a fresh, new concept. Some people might have to warm up to it, but we Jamaicans love new things. A lot of people will gravitate to it, and I personally think it has a space in Jamaica, and I think it will have its following. As far as the Noise Abatement Act is concerned, it's a great look. It's feasible. it's a good investment.


Richard 'West' Henry, Radio Disc Jock:

It's a very good idea. Jamaicans love diversity. I can see where it would be more appropriate for an uptown club vibe, but it may not take off in Jamaica because we are traditional street dance kinda people. I went to the launch and I liked how it was executed. I like that they had more than one deejay, so patrons had a choice on what to listen to. It also pressures the deejay to keep up with what is happening since they can see when patrons are no longer listening to them.


Kimberly Paul, Party Patron:

I love the idea. I love the concept. It was great to be in a party and my phone rang and I could actually just remove my headphone and get on with my call. I didn't have to be running outside, trying to find a quiet spot. My only concern is how affordable an event like this would be, and also, how sanitary these headphones are since they are being reused.


Tiggy XFactor, Party Promoter:

The concerns that I and people that I've spoken to have is how sanitary these headphones will be. It's a good idea, but it's not an idea that can be used by all events.


Kevyn V, Artiste:

There are two sides to it - a good side and a bad side. On the upside, a quiet-headphones event can eliminate a lot of problems that we face in dancehall such as the Noise Abatement Act and possibly having to get a permit every time you want to put on an event. With this new concept, you can almost just keep a party anywhere because you won't be disturbing anybody. The downside, however, is that our culture loves loud noise. We're accustomed to having a disc jock and a 'hype man'. The quiet-headphone concept would eliminate the man that introduces the song. It's a good concept, just not for every event.


Raymond 'Shadow' Small, Publicist:

I think the concerns people have is how easily we Jamaicans will adapt to this because based on tradition, we are used to loud music, fence-beating, etc. It's a good idea, but I think it would be better as a house party. I don't know if it's at that point where it can work for a large-scale event.

- Davina Henry