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God’s design for sexual union

Published:Thursday | October 8, 2015 | 12:00 AMEsther Tyson, Contributor

I stood among thousands of Jamaicans on Sunday evening, September 27, in Half-Way Tree, who were supporting The CAUSE - (Church Action Uniting Society for Emancipation ). These thousands were giving voice to what we, and thousands of other Jamaicans who could not be present, are saying: That marriage and family are God's design.

The design is one man united with one woman. From this union, children are propagated to replenish the human race. The design in nature replicates this pattern. This is how life regenerates itself. When two of a kind engage in sexual intercourse, there can be no procreation. Such a union produces no life. In fact, when two men have sexual intercourse with each other, it produces waste matter. How can that be natural, healthy or acceptable?

In order for same-sex couples to have children, they have to enter into arrangements where, such as in the case of the men, the sperm is fused with the egg of a female and this child is nurtured in the womb of the mother and then handed over to these men at birth or there are some other arrangements where children are adopted into these unions.

In the case of the women, they use a donated sperm to conceive the child that the 'mommy' would nurture in her womb, or these women would adopt a child. There are variations of the way in which same-sex couples become parents. In none of these cases will it be possible that a child will be reared in a home with both biological parents in the context of marriage. This unnatural union makes the natural pattern of family impossible. How can this be accepted as a norm?


Push for acceptance

The new thrust of international organisations and powerful leaders in the West is to push to make such abnormal unions acceptable. In the United States of America and elsewhere, children are being indoctrinated in schools, through the learning material that they are mandated to use, to accept same-sex unions as normal. These authorities are seeking to undo the natural order.

Consequently, the Supreme Court of the United States has made a judgment for same-sex marriage to be legal in all states. The implications of this decision are far-reaching. No longer can your conscience and religion be considered as reasons for exemption from a law with which you disagree. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, founded in a quest for freedom of expression of religious beliefs, persons are now losing their livelihood and being thrown into jail for expressing these very religious beliefs.

The impact of the homosexual agenda is no longer a future reality; it is upon us now. In Jamaica, we are already battling the breakdown of the stable family because of the irresponsible sexual behaviour of our people, especially the men. Women see sex as a way of getting a man to support them economically without thinking about the consequences of not having a stable partner who will be a father to their children.


Identity distortion

When we add to this the matter of identity distortion that results from being raised in abnormal family settings, how will we even begin to address those matters when we are already having difficulty dealing with so many issues from fractured families?

As a nation, even with all our problems, we know what the natural order of family is. We know what is the norm for sexual unions. We, therefore, must stand firm in advocating that God's design for marriage and family is the norm for Jamaica. This is the ideal. There is no other pattern that can be considered the standard.

Let me remind us that Hitler managed to convince the Germans that the Jews were to be exterminated. His Mein Kampf determined the law of the nation and of other nations that he defeated. He was defeated and history has taught us a lesson about a nation being subjugated to accept wrong as right and right as wrong.

In today's fight, the weapon being threatened to be used against Jamaica is not physical but economic. It's being used to attack the established value systems and laws of our nation, to turn it upside down, and for Jamaica to be punished economically if we do not subject ourselves to the distorted values of North America and the rest of the West. Let us make our voices be heard and do not allow ourselves to be subjugated to the ideologies of those to whom we were formerly enslaved.

An example of this 'backra' mentality that seeks to enslave us again is the announcement by the British prime minister, David Cameron, that London will give Jamaica £25 million to build a prison to house 300 convicts who will be transferred from Britain to Jamaica to serve time here instead. Why? Because it will save the Britons £10 million per year!

I do hope that we are not such mendicants that we are going to stoop to accept this condescending offer of a bone! Why, this is an opportunity for the British empire to repay us for building their nation. They should keep the prisoners and also give us money to alleviate the atrocities that we have suffered as a people because of their enslavement of our ancestors.

Be not enslaved again to the yoke of bondage!

- Esther Tyson is an educator. Email feedback to and