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'Not best friends'

Published:Monday | May 4, 2015 | 4:19 PMOrantes Moore


The sister of police Constable Keemo Walsh, who was allegedly shot and killed by a colleague in the early hours of Sunday morning following an argument at a bar in White River, St Ann, has denied that the two were best friends.

While previous media reports claim that Walsh and police Constable Anduialy Smith were the best of friends, the slain policeman's sister, Kaneel Walsh, claims this to be untrue.

She told The Gleaner: "Everyone is saying they were best friends, but I know his best friend, and that was not him. This thing has affected my whole family; it's been more than a shock for us.

"[Keemo] was my little brother, so I practically took care of him because my mother is not here. I am the one who washed, cooked and did everything for him."

Investigations under way

The Police High Command and the Independent Commission of Investigations have both launched probes into the incident, which took place at the Grasshopper Sports Bar, near Ocho Rios.

However, Ms Walsh is doubtful that anything positive will arise from the investigations. She said: "Right now, how I see things, everybody is talking about an investigation and bringing closure, but who will the closure be for, because they can't bring back my brother?

"Who will an investigation and closure benefit if the person who killed my brother has killed himself already? I don't see who it will benefit or what good can come out of it."