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Testimony of the Years

Published:Sunday | June 28, 2015 | 11:32 AM
Contributed Photo Paul McNish (left), gets his 30-year award from National Commercial Bank's Group Managing Director Patrick Hylton.
Contributed Photo Marva Peynado gets her 35-year award from National Commercial Bank's Chairman Michael Lee-Chin.
Contributed Photo Jacqueline Mighten gets a hug and her 30-year award from Patrick Hylton, National Commercial Bank's Group Managing Director.
Contributed Photo Stuart Barnes receives his award for 25 years of service to the National Commercial Bank from Audrey Tugwell-Henry, the bank's senior general manager, Retail Banking Division
Contributed Photo Malcolm Sadler (left), receives his award for 25 years service from National Commercial Bank's Group Deputy Managing Director, Dennis Cohen.
Contributed Photo Bridgitte Walker receives her award for 30 years of service to National Commercial Bank, from the Group's Managing Director, Patrick Hylton
Contributed Photo Norman Reid (left), receives his award for 35 years service from National Commercial Bank Group Chairman, Michael Lee-Chin last Wednesday at teh Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston.

Bridgitte WALKER

One of the most significant and progressive changes that I have seen is the streamlining and centralisation of similar processes throughout the NCB Group. Similar processes were carried out by many entities in the group, which resulted in duplication of effort and increased costs. By centralising similar processes, the bank has been able to benefit from the synergies and, ultimately, improve its efficiencies as centralisation facilitates and ensures greater flexibility in the use of resources.

Working for NCB throughout the years has certainly contributed significantly to my quality of life. NCB has always been my employer of choice, and that is why I have stayed the course for over 30 years. I have benefited both financially and personally from the training, experiences, knowledge and acquired skills I have gained while working at NCB. They assisted in moulding me into the person I am today. I have built many relationships over the years and learnt valuable lessons from my role models. I was also able to access cheaper loans from the bank and obtain a scholarship for my son's education, for which I am grateful.

NCB is one of the best institutions that you could ever work for, it prepares you for just about any challenge in life. Once you are through the doors of NCB, you have 'to hit the ground running'. I have often said to my friends, "When you work with NCB, you are trained to work and succeed anywhere in the world."


During my 30 years with NCB, I have witnessed the transformation of the organisation through its use of the latest developments in technology, and I have seen the resultant competitive advantage gained by the company. This embrace of technology has augured well for our customers who also transitioned from fixed banking hours and days to anytime/anywhere banking, coupled with access to several channels to carryout business using the bank's various products and services. NCB has also become increasingly customer-centric and sales-focused, which constantly drives the way business is done today.

I joined NCB after high school and have been able to improve my education to the postgraduate level. The learning environment promoted by the company is reinforced by the myriad of courses offered through its eCampus portal and Corporate Learning Campus. The company also facilitates access to external courses which has further enhanced my knowledge base. Over the years, based on the knowledge and experience gained, my role has also transitioned from an entry-level junior staff to the managerial level and its associated improved rewards.

There are several opportunities at NCB for growth, both professionally and personally. Be willing to accept change and always promote and protect the brand. Ensure that your relationship with the bank is mutually beneficial.


There are so many significant and progressive changes that have positively impacted the banking operations and performance of the bank. These changes include the adoption of various efficiency initiatives, which include the leveraging of the available technology to better serve our customers and all stakeholders. NCB has also recruited some of the best talents to ensure that these initiatives result in positive outcomes. One of the most significant is that NCB is currently the number-one bank in Jamaica after overcoming significant challenges in the 1990s.

My experience at NCB has been phenomenal. After all these many years, I am as energised and engaged as I was when I started. There have been both high and low moments during this period, but I have remained focused and positive throughout. The key is not to get too high on the highs, or too low on the lows, and to strive for excellence regardless of the circumstances. I have come to accept and embrace the fact that change is normal and necessary for growth, whether personal or organisational. In addition, maintaining a positive perspective makes the transition easier.

Go ahead and apply. With the right attitude, NCB is the ultimate organisation for an individual to realise his/her professional objectives while contributing to the overall achievement of the goals of the team.


The most significant and progressive change in the banking operations during my 30-years is the recent 'Bank of the Future' initiative. This has seen NCB transform its branch network by retrofitting all locations with Intelligent ABMs, so that several transactions formerly done by tellers can now be done at these machines. This has given NCB's customers greater convenience to process their transactions and has also allowed our staff members to explore other opportunities within the bank.

Working at NCB has given me greater stability in my life, both psychologically and financially. I was able to continually further my studies and send my children through university comfortably.

NCB is the employer of choice, as we continue to help both our employees and customers to "put their best life forward".


Being in the technology division, the effective adoption of electronic processing and, more widely, the digitisation of our operations at all the delivery channels, is impactful. Reflecting on the days where accounts were maintained manually to today where it's accessible anywhere in the world, measures the quantum leap made during my tenure.

With the continuous learning environment that is fostered through varying professional workshops and our Corporate Learning Campus, my banking and technology knowledge were developed to match the changing needs of the environment. Financially, I would have hoped to be in a better position, but I continue to be hopeful that this area will improve in matching strides.

This is an exciting, fast-paced environment where you have to turn up with 'your sleeves rolled up' ready to work. Grasp the opportunities for career development that exist even with your demanding work portfolio, ensuring that your personal development keeps pace with the organisation's.