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‘Role switch’ ignites firestorm

Published:Thursday | January 18, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Photoshoot with Charles Hyatt and Sons

Sunday Gleaner readers responded overwhelmingly to the story last week of Charles Hyatt Jr, who left his high-profile job so that he could stay home and take care of his two sons. Here are some of the reactions posted on Instagram and Facebook from the story that sparked passions. (Facebook: Jamaica Gleaner)

Sheila Dawkins:

More power to you, dad. I know your sons will grow up and be grateful for what you've done for them. My mum quit her job as a teacher and became a stay-at-home mum after she had her second of six children and realised that leaving them with 'helpers' wasn't sustainable. I thank her every day for what she did. I've never come home from school and my mum wasn't home with dinner on the table. I don't know what it is like to not see my mum at home. She was able to come to our graduations, ensure that homework was done, come to school to talk to our teachers, etc. Best mum in the world. RIP mum. I am forever indebted.

Irene Thomas:

The decision is between the both parents. If they are comfortable, so will it be. Happy for them. Lovely boys. I wish them well.

Winston Griffiths:

Respect, my yute. Don't watch no face. Truth, though, is in rural Jamaica, for years children have come home to their farmer dads as these men usually went to farm in the cool of morning and afternoon. Anyway, they never did domestic work.

China Jones:

Well, she don't have a problem so ... all I know is anybody a do stay-at-home must be myself. Men must go out and work. Hey, the Bible said it, so why should I go against it. It's God's word and I agree.

Shane Bent:

That's noble of you, sir, and I respect your decision and (that) your masculinity allows you to make choices that will benefit your family and not just you. Thumbs up. Now, that being said, it is very important for the masculine gender to not have this as common practice at all! This is not the message we want to be sending to our young men that it's cool for the women to go out and provide, while we stay home and do domestic work, nope, not at all ...

RenÈe Rucker:

Super proud of you, Charles! Having a stay-at-home parent is such a priceless gift that you could give your children. I have reaped the rewards of having a stay-at-home parent. It's a priceless job & gift!

Kady Eva Bless Williams:

Wow! I'm lost for words. Some men don't even want to take care of their kids, much less giving up their jobs. Hats off to you, daddy, you're indeed one out of a million. Blessings.

Andre McClue:

Congrats, sir, but I didn't know that could be done in Jamaica, though. So, dad, when you "stay home", how do you supply the needs of your children? Just wanted to know please. (Instagram: @jamaicagleaner)


Men are a set of failures! God bless those few who pursue education and work hard to provide for their families!


Perhaps I'm just old, but I'm not staying home. I hope young men don't look at this and think it's okay.


The article states that he has an online business! I applaud men who make the decision to be home and take care of their children! Since he actually has a job, I have no problem with it!


Quite frankly, I applaud this move. I'd rather some staying at home over absenteeism any day! And it's not like he isn't bringing in an income. Plus, it's two boys! I love that he can directly relate to their experiences as males.


There's nuttin wrong with this. As long as the wife respects him for such a decision. It works out if the wife is in a good job rather than to pay someone to do all that.


In a country where most females occupy more middle-management positions than their male counterparts, I do not agree with this message. We males done a fall behind, and we should be leaders, not "housekeepers".


Women have been the main face in the household for the last couple of decades and the discipline of the last few generations has gone to the crapper. Why not give the men a chance to see what they can do.