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ADVERTORIAL: Chuka University student's last letter to his lover before ending his life

Published:Monday | June 11, 2018 | 12:00 AM

A University student identified as Kevin Mugendi Warui who was pursuing his studies at Chuka University took his own life after he found his lover in bed with another man. He narrated how he loved her and how he sacrificed to see her smile even going as far as shaving her, only for her to let other men enjoy his sacrifice and affection. is in possession of the letter and below is the word for word letter only omitting words not suitable for some of our readers.

Dear Stella Njeri Kagendo,
You were a friend, a person I could confide in and most important, a lover.
I trusted you (until I found you (sic) another man).
I gave you my heart, hell ...even gave you my life.
Nostalgia kills me when I remember all the good times we spent together. The sacrifices I made just to see you smile. We played together like little kids and I still remember your lack of talent for little games. I loved you for it.

You are my queen (or were, now that am (sic) dead!) I forever treat you with love, respect and compassion. The cuddles we shared, the kisses, the sex, we even have a bank account (congratulations its now all yours).

Always know that I could never hurt you (while I was still alive). Neither would I fight the man. Maybe if he had stolen from me or put your life in any danger and I would comfortably chop off his head.
Come to think of it, I shaved your (sic) so other men could (sic) it. Intriguing.
Now that I cannot live without you. Now that you judged and gave me a command. Now that you shouted at me from inside your room with your ‘boyfriend’ that I should “Go kill yourself” and even asked for my suicide note, well here it is my love.

The five promises I made you:
1. I will forever love you
2. I will never cheat on you
3. I will never lie to you
4. Most importantly your word is my command