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#TalkbackTuesday: Backyard burials ban

Published:Wednesday | April 17, 2019 | 12:20 AM

At least one local authority is considering to impose a ban on backyard burials because of its negative impact on the environment. Do you believe that backyard burials should be abolished? #GLNRTalk

@start_boi_dre: The land is far more valuable than dead people, family members or not. A ‘ban’ is the remedy for all things that we think/say affect the environment. So ban dis, ban dat, ban! Ban! Ban! You ever think their solutions cause more problems than they solve?

@imApapercus123i: It devalues land.

@stephanibrack: They are so worried about the environment and can’t even provide garbage trucks in rural areas ... kmt.

@lalda.peters: The plug should be pulled on burials nationwide and let us turn to cremation. It’s way more affordable for families who can’t find that huge amount of cash to bury their dead. Futhermore, we could utilise those lands for other purposes rather than burial grounds.

@jyll.beckford: I support restrictions based on keeping water supplies safe. However, I’m concerned that a family’s loved one’s remains were so callously disinterred & cannot now be traced for reburial. Surely, the contractor was wrong to do this.

@amoe.r: What mounting environmental concerns? Parish council is supposed to ensure there are NO environmental concerns BEFORE approval! So I don’t understand the problem. Is it that they need more workers to visit the burial sites? What?