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The dangers of inflammation

Published:Friday | August 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM

MOST PERSONS would have heard this term at some point or the other, but most don't understand what it means or what impact it has on them. It does have wide-reaching effects on everyone's health, so we need to understand at least the basics.

The immune system is like the army of the body, and when it is activated, 'war conditions' are normally produced. The war condition generated in the body is what we call inflammation. Just as war causes damage, death, and destruction because of the harmful implements that are used, inflammation does the same. Many substances the immune system uses are toxic as they are meant to destroy.

Inflammation can develop in any part of the body. Inflammation in the bones is called arthritis; in the skin, it's called dermatitis; and in the stomach, it's called gastritis. In fact, if a medical term ends with 'itis', then it indicates inflammation.

Our immune system has a tendency to overreact to certain situations and produces abnormal levels of inflammation, which affect the entire body. Allergies create a situation where inflammation is almost constantly produced, with periods of increased production. This causes slow damage over time to various parts of the body.

When war is occurring, businesses and industries are generally negatively affected. Inflammation has this effect on the body as well. Hormones are generally affected by high levels of inflammation, causing various problems depending on the hormones affected. Blood sugar and pressure control are regulated by hormones, so inflammation can produce dysregulation of these parameters and can result in diabetes and hypertension. Reproductive functions are regulated by sex hormones, so inflammation may result in malfunctioning of the reproductive systems leading to abnormal periods, ovarian problems, fibroids, breast problems, and even fertility challenges.

Overreaction to infections in the Fallopian tubes can cause damage and even blockage. The same effect can occur with melatonin (sleep hormone), causing sleep disorder. Also, prolonged impact on the hormones responsible for bone metabolism can eventually lead to osteoporosis (weak bones). Constipation, abdominal cramps, bloatedness, and burning stomach pain are due to the impact on the GI tract, where 70% of the immune cells reside.

In order to get these systems functioning better, it is very important to cut the production of inflammation by using antioxidants, allergy-control measures, and ionic foot detox. The natural healing properties of the body can then reverse the damage caused.