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Ex-Refinery Prices Increase

Published:Monday | December 24, 2007 | 7:30 PM

Jamaican motorists should expect to pay more for gasoline and diesel on Thursday.

The state owned oil refinery PetroJam says the increases are due to the price of crude oil which have hovered at US$91 per barrel in light of pre-holiday trade.

Unleaded gasolene will cost $58.33 reflecting an increase of five(5) cents per litre.

The price of unleaded 90 has also been increased by five cents to sell at $59.77 per litre.

Automotive diesel oil is up by twenty-seven(27) cents to sell at $61.26 per litre.

The price of cooking gas is also up by 37 cents to sell at 89 cents per litre.

There’s been a 32 cent decrease in the price of kerosene which will now sell for 60 dollars and 75 cents.

Retailers will add their respective mark-up to the announced prices.