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Mixing Business with Pleasure

Published:Monday | March 23, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

He makes you laugh and she makes your heart skip a beat. You could talk to that person for hours and not get bored but he/she works with the same organisation you do. An office romance can easily become an office scandal, so is it OK to mix business with pleasure?

Well, the heart wants what it wants and sometimes one cannot help who they fall in love with, so an office romance might be a road that everyone has stumbled on to. However, while this is the case, we have to consider whether it is a risk worth taking, because while there are pros - like the person understanding your work schedule - there are cons - like dealing with a break-up if one occurs.

Relationship specialist and psychologist Dr Sidney McGill highlights a few pros and cons:




o The company stands to benefit if the romantic relationship at the office is going well. Partners can make very effective teams because of their relational and productive common interests.

o Partners make sacrifices more easily when the company's financial conditions require it.

o Partners may develop exceptional loyalty and commitment with the company.

o Partners are generally happier at work and, therefore, present a sunny disposition to the public.

o Romantic relationships, in the office, work only for those who are at a later consciousness level and can handle the complexities of life, which include the many shades of grey.




o If the romantic relationship is on the rocks, the company stands to lose money through less efficient workers who may seem anxious or sad to the public.

o The romantic relationship may disintegrate into accusations of sexual harassment in the workplace. They can hold each other at ransom because of knowledge of personal information.

o If the partners are at different hierarchical positions in the company - abuse of power may be a problem. The person in a higher managerial position would always be at an advantage, the lower ranked person, at a disadvantage.

o You may lose your job if the relationship goes sour. No one wants to have their personal romantic problems in their faces at work. It is always a better option to separate work and home.

o You could be accused of using company's resources for personal benefit because your partner has inside information on your attitude about the company.