Mon | Dec 11, 2023

New mega cruise ship cancels Ocho Rios stop due to engine trouble

MSC Seascape now expected to dock Feb 3

Published:Wednesday | January 25, 2023 | 12:23 AM

The world’s newest mega cruise ship, MSC Seascape, cancelled its Ocho Rios stop last Friday after developing engine trouble on leaving Grand Cayman on Thursday night.

Problems with the ship’s engine actually began before it reached the Cayman islands, causing it to dock five hours behind schedule, at 2 p.m.

The vessel, with a capacity to carry 5,877 guests, was christened in December 2022 and was not expected to develop problems after less than two months on the seas.

However, a technical issue arose that is said to affect the ship’s maximum speed, forcing a cancellation of its 14-day round trip that included Grand Cayman and Jamaica, among other ports.

Guests on the cruise were offered a 50 per cent discount as a result of the altered itinerary.

A spokesperson from Jamaica’s cruise sector said the ship, which is based in Miami, USA, is now expected to dock in Ocho Rios on Friday, February 3.

For the rest of January, five ships are expected to dock in Ocho Rios; one per day, except for Saturday and Monday. These include another MSC vessel, Divina, along with cruises from Carnival and Costa.