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WE WANT TO KNOW! 10 questions for the party leaders

Published:Friday | December 4, 2015 | 10:33 AM

With the two major political parties still on the hustings, our readers have been asking questions of the two party leaders, with those addressed to People's National Party (PNP) President Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller mostly focusing on her leadership, while it is the Beverly Hills house that dominates the questions to Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) leader Andrew Holness.

10 questions for Portia

1) Are you prepared to declare your finances as demanded of the opposition leader?

2) Have you instructed other members of your team to also disclose their finances?

3) Why is Andrew Holness' house such a major part of the PNP's campaign?

4) Why have you not fired Cabinet ministers who have lost the confidence of the people?

5) Why have you not acted more decisively in instances of corruption or incompetence by senior members of your party?

6) If your party were re-elected to form the next Government, would you change your communication style and speak more with Jamaicans?

7) Are you not yet convinced of the need to reduce the size of your Cabinet and would this be done if you were returned as prime minister?

8) Are you still committed to a conscience vote on the buggery law?

9) Have you set a timeline on your continued participation in representational politics?

10) Do you believe you have delivered on your promise to Jamaicans to "balance people's lives while you balance the books"?

10 questions for Andrew

1) Are you a director, investor or owner of any company with offices in St Lucia or any other Caribbean country?

2) Is there any foreign entity listed as the owner of the property where your house is being constructed? If yes, can you name this company and state what is your relationship to same?

3) Are you prepared to publicly declare your finances as demanded by PNP officials?

4) Have you instructed other members of your team to also disclose their finances?

5) Have you filed your declarations to the Integrity Commission as required?

6) Are you committed to Audley Shaw as finance minister if your party were elected to form the next Government, or would you consider someone else?

7) If your party were elected to form the next Government, would you commit to naming a Cabinet smaller than now obtains?

8) Are you committed to maintaining the current fiscal discipline while ensuring economic growth?

9) Can you commit to immediately dismiss any senior JLP member linked to incidents of corruption or incompetence?

10) Will you continue as opposition leader if your party fails to secure the majority of seats in the next general election?