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Mobil app for party fans - ‘Vyral Events’ links promoters and patrons in cyberspace

Published:Thursday | April 13, 2017 | 12:00 AMAndrew Harris
Three of the six members of ‘Vizioneerz’, (from left) Kevin McKoy, Jhevaughn Davis and Che-Andre Gordon.

A group of University of Technology (UTech) graduates have designed a new mobile application which they hope will make life easier for promoters of events and patrons.

The six UTech graduates call themselves 'Vizioneerz' and have dubbed the app 'Vyral Events', which will put promoters and patrons on one mobile platform.

"People need to have ready access to information, which is one thing I think we are lacking in Jamaica," said Che-Andre Gordon one of the team members.

According to Gordon, Vyral Events allows promoters, event coordinators and patrons to access the application as long as they have a smartphone.

Promoters can use the application to advertise their events and sell tickets, eliminating the need for physical ticket outlets.




This will allow promoters to track the sale of tickets and give them an early indication of what the attendance might be like.

Patrons can purchase their tickets through Vyral Events with local or international credit and debit cards.

After making the purchase, the patrons will receive an emailed confirmation, the ticket number and a unique barcode. The ticket can either be printed or stored on the phone.

For persons who do not choose to print the ticket, the barcode can be read from their smartphones at the entrance to the event.

"There is no need to leave your home to purchase a ticket, all this is done over the application," said Gordon, who noted that the app will eliminate the risk of fraudulent tickets.

Vyral Events also comes with a navigation system that can help patrons to get to the venue if they are not sure where it is located.

"The application can help tourists to have access to all the events they want to attend, and this is good for the improvement of both entertainment and tourism," said Andrew Pettigrew, another member of the team.

"The application is built in with all the social platforms, so you can know all your friends that are attending the different events, the promoters can know how many persons view the events and get a direct production of the events turnout before the events," added Pettigrew.

Vizioneerz is operated by the six computer scientists, who say they are determined to connect people through social experience.